Why Take More Risk Than You Need?

Risk Control

By combining traditional, long-term diversified investing with our proprietary tactical strategies, Braver Wealth aims to offer you a steady, consistent investment return with less risk than traditional investment managers.

Seeking to provide downside risk control to avoid major market declines is the hallmark of Braver’s tactical strategies. Our analysts use computer models to recognize market trends, favoring investing when the trends are strong. When we detect deteriorating trends, we proactively move assets to safer investments, such as money market funds – to avoid steep market declines.

How we do it

Our strategies seek to reduce risk by utilizing computer models that monitor market data, follow specific stop loss rules, use strategic position sizing and diversify asset classes and model types. Tactical management can help to preserve capital and provide the peace of mind that most investors cannot find on their own or in strictly traditional investment strategies.

Avoiding large losses allows investors to maintain a disciplined investment plan. At the same time, consistent compounding of positive investment returns provides a better chance of meeting long-term goals and objectives.

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