Who We Help

Our clients have typically achieved a significant level of wealth before they contact us.   They may have sold a successful business or received an inheritance.  Or they may have created their wealth through professional employment and solid saving habits.

Our clients value advice from a firm that does not earn commissions from selling products such as mutual funds or annuities or life insurance.   They choose our firm for objective advice delivered as a Registered Independent Advisor with fiduciary responsibility.

What Our Clients Can Expect

Our clients expect to work with an empathic and experienced financial planner – one who takes into account their personal goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. A Relationship Manager that is a Certified Financial Planner® and /or a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) who is skilled at working with clients to understand their needs and offer knowledgeable advice.

Our clients feel a responsibility to act as thoughtful stewards of their family’s financial resources. They seek a trusted investment manager who can protect and grow their assets prudently. In general, they want to make smart decisions across all financial domains and they want a wise advisor to keep them on track and to address questions as they arise over time.


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